When Labor Begins

If suspected labor (contractions every 5 minutes for an hour) or
suspected ruptured membranes (leaking fluid)…

OFFICE HOURS:  CALL 757-481-3366

AFTER OFFICE HOURS: 757-455-3584
to speak with Provider on Call.

Map to Sentara Leigh Family Maternity Center
830 Kempsville Rd,
Norfolk, VA 23502

IF NO ANSWER WITHIN 20 MINUTES, GO DIRECTLY TO Sentara Leigh Family Maternity Center..

IF YOU ARE BLEEDING: more than 2 tablespoons bright red blood –  go Directly to Sentara Leigh Family Maternity Center.

IF CLEARLY “ruptured membranes”  go Directly to Sentara Leigh Family Maternity Center.

IF YOU DELIVER FAST: if you delivered quickly in the past,  ask us for special instructions.

PLANNED CESAREAN SECTION: strong regular contractions or ruptured membranes – go to Sentara Leigh Family Maternity Center  NOW.

PLANNED VBAC OR TOLAC:   Prior cesarean trying to deliver vaginally, if strong regular contractions or ruptured membranes. go directly to Sentara Leigh Family Maternity Center.

PASS THE MUCOUS PLUG:  or have “bloody show” near your due date (mucous lightly tinged with blood), is common.  It is not dangerous and generally you need NOT call or go to the hospital unless your bleeding is more than a couple tablespoons. This may or may not be an early sign of labor. If you are BEFORE 35 weeks of pregnancy please call us.

FALSE LABOR: “Braxton-Hicks contractions” are contractions that occur throughout pregnancy but become more apparent after the seventh or eighth month. These contractions can be quite uncomfortable and also can be quite regular, however they do not produce labor (cervical dilation in respponse to contractions).

If you truly believe you may be in labor or have ruptured membranes in the middle of the night I always recommend that you go to the hospital for an examination. I encourage you to call to speak with a provider if you are unsure about going to the hospital.   After you arrive, The Labor and Delivery nurses will call the doctor on call as soon as they have determined your condition. Should you have any questions, I encourage you to ask us at your visit or to call the office and speak with one of the nurses.  If they cannot answer your questions they will let me know so that I can return your call.