Recovery After Pregnancy

OBSTETRICAL DISCHARGE INSTRUCTIONS:  Get plenty of rest, but you will feel better sooner if you get fresh air and sunshine walking around for gradually increasing distances.
STAIRS: are okay but go slowly and hold the handrail. Don’t carry your infant up stairs until you feel strong enough.
SHOWERS – are preferable to tub baths because of less risk of slipping and falling.
DRIVING A CAR – wait 2-3 weeks until able to twist to look over your shoulder, slam on the brake without hesitation, off all narcotic pain relievers.
RETURNING TO WORK – usually after your 6-week check-up.
EXERCISE – If vaginal birth, start toning and firming exercises such as those contained in the postpartum pamphlet provided by the hospital. If Cesarian , wait until after your two-week incision check.
ABDOMINAL WALL BULGE: (Diastasis Recti) manage this problem with the Tupler Technique (Link to technique).
 – Drink plenty of liquids; eat fresh fruits and vegetables; bran cereal / prune juice as needed for bowel movements. Don’t skip meals. Stay away from junk foods.
MEDICATIONS:  ADVIL or IBUPROFEN (400 – 800mg with food every 6-8 hours)…   or VICODIN or TYLENOL #3 as prescribed.
PRENATAL VITAMINS – Continue daily until 6-week office visit. If breast-feeding continue until 4 weeks after weaning.
IRON REPLACEMENT THERAPY – Non-prescription (Slow-Fe) recommended if you are anemic. Take iron at different time than vitamin.
…SEXUAL INTERCOURSE – usually okay after 4 weeks.
…BIRTH CONTROL PILLS – start on the fourth Sunday after your baby was born.
…IMPLANON – inserted before dismissal (or at 4weeks if breastfeeding).
…DEPO-PROVERA – Intramuscular injections once every 3 months.
…IUD – can be inserted at 8 weeks (good for up to 5 years!)
…STERILIZATION – If you select this option it can be scheduled after your postpartum visit.
CARE OF CIRCUMCISION – Gently cleanse with warm soapy water, rinse, pat dry.  Use vaseline to prevent sticking to the diaper.  See circumcision instructions.
CARE OF EPISIOTOMY – After ice packs the first 24-48 hours, Use warm water in the Sitz bath basin provided in the hospital to soak the area where stitches were placed in warm water for 20 to 30 minutes, 2-3 times a day as needed for soreness. If a Sitz bath basin is not available, use warm water in the bathtub — just enough to cover the episiotomy site.
BREAST CARE – Wear a supportive bra. Notify us if you experience worsening pain, redness or fever.
HEMORRHOIDS – Keep bowel movements soft with Miralax. With each BM – do not strain, use Tucks Pads (after normal wiping), use Anusol Cream after each BM and at bedtime.
VAGINAL BLEEDING – may normally continue 4 to 6 weeks after childbirth. Call if the flow is MUCH heavier than menses. Normal menses returns within 6 to 10 weeks (later if breast-feeding).
EMOTIONAL CHANGES AFTER CHILDBIRTH – Are very common and usually self limited within 10-14 days. If you feel you are experiencing severe emotional symptoms, please call us
WORSENING PAIN (Headaches, breast, kidney, abdomen, episiotomy, urinary, or leg) – Unrelieved by rest and mild pain medicine.
FEVER – (Over 100.4 degrees) … or
HEAVY BLEEDING – (Heavier than menstrual flow)
FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENT – Call our office at 481-3366 as soon as possible to make an appointment to be seen at 4 to 8 weeks – following the delivery of your child.