Dear Valued Patient,

At 71 years of age and after 45 years of practicing medicine it is time for me to close my practice.   January 31, 2023  (“the effective date”) will be my last day open.  After this date, I will not be available to attend to you for medical care.  I will do what I can to assist your transition to ongoing quality care.  Please take steps to protect yourself by looking around and selecting a new provider of Obstetric and or Gynecologic services. In order to release a copy of your medical records, we must have a completed and signed records request form.


Before January 31, 2023 (“the effective date”)  Have your new provider request a copy (with your signature) of your medical records.  A legal HIPPA-compliant copy of your medical records will then be sent to your new provider.  We may fax the records to the provider or records may be sent by encrypted email (with username and password).  We will do our very best to keep up with medical records requests.

After January 31, 2023, closing your health records from this practice will be transferred to a professional medical records custodian who will continue to maintain your records in accordance with applicable confidentiality and security standards and with other applicable laws.  Applicable state and federal record retention requirements will be met.


Visit our website where we will post information regarding how to:  Link to and contact the records custodian, Get Information regarding OB-GYN Practices that are accepting new patients, Communicate with us using email at


Please Note:   There may be a brief transition period from the time the practice closes until the medical records custodian has access to the charts.  Laws regarding medical records requests will be followed.

Thank you for the opportunity of sharing your life’s challenges and adventures in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

I wish you the very best of health, happiness, and success. I will miss you dearly.




Best wishes for your health and happiness.

Raymond C. Lackore MD