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FAQs - Insurance

Almost Always

To our knowledge we participate with all locally available Insurance except Medicare or Tricare Prime

PLEASE CALL US  757-481-3366  to assure we participate with your Insurance. 

Sentara (all products)
Blue Cross Blue Shield
United Healthcare
Champus Standard
Commerical Insurance
Trigon Healthkeepers

REPEAT:  We do NOT participate with Tricare Prime or Medicare


We are very pleased to accept Medicaid

We do NOT accept Medicare at this time


We will be happy to file your Primary AND Secondary insurance.


1. Yourself

2. A Photo ID

3. An Insurance Card 

ALL 3 are necessary for First visits or Insurance Changes

(rare exceptions)



We are compelled by contract with your Insurance company to collect Deductables and Co-Pays when required

Please, be prepared to pay for any co-pays and deductibles.

Not only does your insurance company require you pay these...

Your Insurance company can penalize us if we fail to collect these Insurance fees

So the answer is:  YES!

New Federal Law may exclude certain preventative visits from having Co-Pays or Deductables


Visa, MasterCard, Cash or Checks 

We do NOT barter chickens or bales of hay!


Please contact our billing department at 757-481-3366 to personally discuss payment arrangements

Consideration is given to longstanding patients in challenging situations

There are resources in the community for patients needing free or deeply discounted services from the start 

Public Health Department
EVMS Medical School/Residency Training Program
Government Subsidized Hospital Emergency Room 
And other subsidized caregivers.
We are not subsidized by the Government like the local Hospital Emergency Room Is.



Some insurance cards list this information  - or
You can call the phone number on your Insurance Card to verify your Co-Pay or Deductable.
You may also call us prior to your appointment and we can assist you with this information.


Each insurance policy is different

You may contact your insurance company and ask (recommended) or...

Call our office and we will be happy to assist you (as best we are able).


NO !

In the state of Virginia it is illegal for an insurance company to require a referral to see your Obstetrician Gynecologist

In this state women have direct access to their OB-GYN Physician.